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Namo Gange Trust is organizing the 5th edition of India's International Health & Wellness Exhibition "The Yogshala Expo 2020 (11th – 13th Dec 2020)" at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India. This AYUSH exhibition is dedicated to Health & Wellness. It is one of its kinds to be held in India; visited by people from all spheres alike from India and abroad.

Along with The Yogshala Expo 2020, Namo Gange Trust is also organizing the "Live Painting Competition" on the theme 'Health + Wellness' from 11th to 13th Dec 2020.

We invite all the artist professionals & amateurs to participate in the Painting competition to be held on 11th & 12th Dec 2020 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India.The objective of the LIVE PAINTING COMPETITION , 2020 is to present artworks par excellence, the criterion depending on composition, application and aesthetic appeal. Works of 3 artists will be selected for award, 7 Artists will be selected for consolation prizes details of which are given below.

We request all the artists to participate in the event and contribute to bring forward the spirit of "AYUSH". AYUSH, that assimilates the essence of human Mind, Body and Soul so that the mind becomes the dynamic center and recycles the outwards flow of energy and consciousness.

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Live Painting Competition 2019

01st Winner

Live Painting Competition 2019

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Live Painting Competition 2019

03rd Winner

Live Painting Competition 2019
Dates : 11th to 13th Dec 2020
Time : 10 : 30 AM to 05 : 00 PM
Entry Fee : Rs. 1000/Person
Venue : Hall No. 7, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, 110001
  • You need to apply online application form

  • You will receive a confirmation email .

  • Please check your Junk/Spam folder and mark your email as "Not Spam".

  • Go to area and complete the application form.

  • You will be notified by email if your application has been accepted.

  • The decisions of the LPC management and Jury panel are irrevocable and unquestionable.

  • The awarded artists have the right to renounce the prizes; In that case the prize will be re-assigned according to the ranking made by the jury.

  • Competition Dates & Timing 11th Dec 10:30 AM to 12th Dec 5:00 PM

  • Jury scoring : 13th Dec 2020

  • Winners announcement & prize distribution : 13rd Dec, 2020

General Rules &


  • The competition is open to both Indian and international participants from all visual arts categories.

  • You must be 16+ or authorized by your legal guardian if the age of majority in your country is 21.

  • The Maximum age limits for participation in the LPC is 50 years as on 11th Dec 2020.

  • Submitted artwork can be produced by one artist only.

  • All artwork done by the artist must be solely produced by the artists registered for this LPC.

  • The official award language is English. If you have difficulty writing in English, we invite you to submit both in your own language and its English translated version (Google translation is accepted).

  • You are responsible for providing correct personal information to be reached on.

  • You are responsible to check your emails and notifications, newsletter and social media posts to follow up on your submission progress and general Award's news.

  • We recommend checking your junk/spam box and marking any email that may reach the junk/spam box as 'Not spam

  • By entering the LPC, you are deemed to have read and accepted all aspects of the rules described on this page and the general Terms & Conditions for using the online platform.

  • All terms are made available before the winner is nominated. If a participant does not agree with these terms, we recommend not entering the LPC.

  • LPC management will judge your ability to understand and follow the brief and all requirements stated in the rules.

  • LPC will shortlist the artists that have duly filled the application form.

  • Pertinence: all participants shall be reminded LPC is a contemporary art award based in the Delhi, India which respects cultural, sociological and religious sensitivity of its region.

  • Jury panel who will score each application individually based on the following criteria

  • The winners are offered the LPC prize as one package and cannot be separated. If the winner does not accept one or more of the terms, he/she shall not be entitled the prize.

  • The Artist are responsible for arranging all the legal and administrative papers (authorization, visa...etc.) to travel the India, Delhi.

  • LPC will not be responsible should the participating artist not be able to travel to Delhi.

  • No compensation can be requested in any of the above cases.

  • The participating artist are responsible for his/her personal expenses during the travels.

  • The participating artist agree to the reproduction and alteration of any artwork created by the winner - at no fee - in association with the promotion of the award including publicity, press, website, social media, and any printed or digital material.

  • These terms are made available before the winners are nominated. If a participant does not agree with these terms, we recommend not entering the LPC.

The Namo Gange Trust has all properties rights of paintings done in The Yogshala Expo 2020. The Trust may use the paintings and some honorarium amount will be given to the artist.

  • Whenever your work is published by the Namo Gange Trust and or its affiliated platforms and partners you will be credited.

  • Failure to publish a credit due to error or oversight shall not be deemed a breach of this condition.

  • Namo Gange Trust and its affiliated partners will seek to correct any errors or oversights when notified.

  • Use of works: By entering the LPC, you agree that any work you submit may be used by Namo Gange Trust and its affiliated partners solely for purposes in connection with the Award or future awards, and any other purpose. These uses include: Judging the competition Displaying entries on the Namo Gange Trust website and social media outlets and those of its affiliated partners.

  • Displaying the entries at the fair, gallery or any other location where your work might be exhibited. Displaying the entries in a book, magazine or exhibition catalogue, or similar using the entries on posters or postcards to promote the Award. Cropping and re-sizing the work as necessary to fit pre-defined formats to promote the Award and any related exhibitions. Sub-licensing the entries to the press for reproduction in connection with the LPC. Inclusion within any materials promoting the LPC or any exhibition organized by the Namo Gange Trust.

  • You hereby grant Namo Gange Trust and affiliated partners a non-exclusive, royalty-free and unlimited license in each entry throughout the world in all media for the uses described above.

  • A participant is responsible to provide correct personal details in order to be contacted by the organization by email or telephone

  • A participant can enter with his/her artist name but has to provide full details (as shown on the passport) shall he/she be the winner.

  • Name and email addresses are used to communicate news related to the entrant's application or to share general news of Namo Gange Trust and its affiliated partner.

  • Credit card details are protected information by our secured payment gateway Innovate Payments and are not accessed by nor the organizers or its affiliated partners.

All entry submissions are final and entry fees are non-refundable. Shall the same submission be charged twice for any reasons, Namo Gange Trust will refund the second payment.

  • Namo Gange Trust relies on its sponsors and affiliated partners when promoting the prize offered for each edition.

  • Should any of Namo Gange Trust affiliated partners or sponsors fail for any reasons to fulfill their commitment in providing the prize promoted, Namo Gange Trust shall not be held responsible whatsoever for this failure. Namo Gange Trust shall make all effort to provide a similar prize with no time limit imposed. Should for any reasons the event be partly or wholly cancelled outside of the organizer's control, Namo Gange Trust shall offer the winners the amount paid for the registration as a voucher to be used for future competitions held by Namo Gange Trust. This voucher shall be requested by the Entrant in written at within the time limit defined by Namo Gange Trust in case of such event.

  • Support request concerns technical difficulties only such as: email confirmation, or any technical issue that may occur during your submission.

  • All requests are treated within 48 working hours. Working days: Monday – Saturday from 10.00am –5.30 pm Please contact:

  • All support requests will be taken from the day it has been submitted by the participant.

  • If the technical teams respond after a submission deadline, the participant will not be affected by such delay.

  • General questions should be addressed to

  • Namo Gange Trust has made all information available in this website. It is the responsibility of the participant to read carefully the Rules, Terms and Conditions. Due to the high number of emails received during call for entries, only support requests and questions which require further clarifications will be answered. If an email concerns a question which has already its answer in the website, the request will not be attended.

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