'Guidelines, standard procedures to help expand homeopathy's reach'

CHENNAI: Central Council of Research in Homeopathy has been doing in-house clinical validation and clinical verification of drugs for diseases. Their findings have shown that homeopathy has an important role for certain diseases for which there are less options in other systems of medicine. These findings have helped to contain some of the criticism the system is facing, says M Ajit Sharan, secretary, Union Ministry of Ayush.

Sharan was speaking at the National Homeopathy Seminar organised by the Global Homeopathy Foundation and Dr Koppikar Foundation in the city on Sunday. Over 500 delegates took part.

Though the effectiveness of medicine on the patient might be sufficient for credibility of the medicine, the much needed things were established guidelines, parameters and standard procedures to expand the system in the national health care delivery system, Ajit Sharan noted.

“Fixed treatment protocol is essential to introduce any treatment in the health insurance system. Validated theories are essential in teaching, unbiased evaluation tools are essential in research validation and conclusive evidences on safety and efficacy are necessary in treatment. These are the areas the homeopathic body needs to address as a priority,” said Sharan.

He said there could be difficulties in validating the efficacy of homeopathic medicine using the same parameters or protocols followed by biomedicine, but there could be different models of evaluation that stood the rigorous test of scientific scrutiny.

Stating that there were a lot of research to prove the efficacy of homeopathy medicine, among which many were a success, Ajit Sharan said, the scientists should do a lot more research on homeopathic medicine.

The contribution of homeopathy in controlling endemics of cholera and viral infections had been recognised in different parts of the country. These alternative medicial streams along with allopathy would help the country take health care to the masses in every nook and corner of the nation, the secretary added.


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